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    Confronting Africa's Holocaust at Elmina Castle

    While on a work trip to Ghana, we had the chance to visit the haunting remains of a Slaving Castle on the Atlantic coast read more >>>
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    Leonard Cohen's remarkable last album: You want it darker

    Reflections on the last album of a great man read more >>>
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    David Bowie's final gift: Blackstar

    Reflections on David Bowie's final album read more >>>
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    The Abuse of Women: 2 Important Books (Pt 4) SO WHAT

    Some practical steps for tackling the abuse of women - especially in churches. read more >>>
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    Nature of Tears (A versified thought)

    A bucolic poem inspired by a Somerset retreat read more >>>
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    The Torment of Helios: a poetic reflection on Paul Klee's Sunset

Those in the UK will have undoubtedly heard by now of the horrors inflicted on young men in the 1970s and early 80s by John Sm… read more >>

A week's meetings in Accra, Ghana last month gave the chance to visit a place I'd long known about but couldn't visualise. The… read more >>

Sacred Treasure In the wake of the shocking and untimely death of Mike Ovey (Principal of Oak Hill), here are some of the bes… read more >>